BY Amber Love /
PUBLISHED ON October 1, 2023
Getting To Know Your Inner Warrior Goddess

What a special Halloween this was! We were invited to invited to host two back-to-back workshops for the high school seniors served by Athena’s Warehouse.

Athena’s Warehouse has a mission to provide young women with the tools to build confidence through mentorship, scholarship, and workshops which focus on their personal and professional development.

One of their programs is called “Your Inner Warrior”, which was such a perfect fit for our “Inner Warrior Goddess” content contained in our freshly-written manuscript. This is the first of what we hope be an entire TigerFeather book series of young adult fantasy fiction novels.

Self-love is such an important, and much-needed message for us all. If only we could have learned this lesson sooner in our lives. That is our hope and goal with TigerFeather…to get the message across, but in a fun, fantastical, adventurous, empowering kind of way!

Besides getting to read the few few chapters from the manuscript, we also had lot of fun using AI to generate the avatars for each student’s own imaginary IWG (Inner Warrior Goddess).

This was also the very first group of test readers for this newly-written manuscript, and this brand new world of TigerFeather we created. So we had no idea how the story would be received.

Thankfully, here’s some of the feedback from our questionnaire:

“This IWG concept is empowering and inspiring.”

“I absolutely loved this first part of the book. The characters are so captivating and the story has me hooked.”

“I like how she (our main character) discovers she has power. It can’t be given to her because she already has power.

“I love this plot because I don’t really like fantasy books but this one is interesting.”

It was incredibly rewarding to see light bulbs turn on for these young women. Can’t wait to continue what’s been an inspiring journey so far with the Inner Warrior Goddess, TigerFeather, my amazing partner and all those we get to co-create with!

We are so inspired by all the incredible efforts of Athena’s Warehouse. Please consider donating to this beautiful program at 🙏🏻🥰❤️